Object 3 Assembly Axon Diagram


University of Texas at Austin, Design V Studio, Fall 2014
Critic: Kory Bieg

Collaborators: Rossina Ojeda and Dominic Sargeant

UTSOA Design Excellence Nomination

With digital technologies playing an ever-growing role in architectural design, the purpose of Objects was to experiment with the translation of form from the digital realm to the physical. Objects 1 + 2 were created individually, with Object 2 constructed in response to the failures of Object 1.

Object 3 was constructed as a collaboration with Rossina Ojeda and Dominic Sargeant, to explore the collective interests of the collaborators at a larger scale, looking at relationships of mass, void, and envelope. The object was stacked vertically with MDF sheets that created an undulating surface pattern through the varied overlaps. Object 3 was approximately 3 by 3 ft with a height of 3.5 ft.

Objects 1+2

Object 1 was constructed using a folded chipboard surface in which joints were left as voids. The object failed to withstand its own weight, leading to collapse of its form. Object 2 was constructed with folded strips of polypropylene. Unwrapped in 3DS Max, the strips were lasercut with circular tabs joined using eyelets. The eyelets generated an additional pattern on the surface - allowing the initial interest to express the joints in Object 1 to become a structural aspect - instead of merely decorative.

Object 1 2 Diagram.jpg

Object 3

Object 3 was a coalescence of ideas established from the individually developed objects 1 and 2 of the three collaborators. The methods of construction, application of surface pattern, formal design were carried through as we investigated the transformation of digital to physical.

The object was stacked vertically so that each contour was non-continuous to create porosity. The overlap generated a graphic pattern that undulated, developed in a way to explore the variation in porosity. The contours of the mass are at alternative intervals of the offset of the surface and base elements to allow the contoured planes to slide through the voids of each other as they intersect and move through each other.

Object 3 Photograph.jpg